Unleash your equestrian prowess with our thrilling horse rides, specially designed for experienced riders!

two horses and riders are galloping in a field

Getaway in Doñana

Time: 1h30 - Price: 70€

Private ride on horseback to discover the forest and pinewoods of the protected areas of Doñana: a dynamic and fun horse ride!! Sign up for this charming getaway to connect with nature and horses!

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a rider is galloping on a horse in Doñana

Special Landscapes

Time: 2h - Price: 100€

Private horse ride in the protected areas of Doñana: gallop in the pine forest and discover the beauty of the tipical mediterranean flora. An awsome trail ride, very dynamic and fun!!

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two riders on horses in front of the church of El Rocio


Time: 4h - Price: 150€

Private horse ride through the pinewoods of the Doñana National Park up to the lovely white village of El Rocio. Discover its unusual streets, its famous church and a stunning protected area. Delight yourself with many gallops: an unforgettable experience to make you feel like a cowboy out of a western movie!

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